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NZZ am Sonntag/Switzerland No.46/2020 Cover photo

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Liberation/France, 26th October 2018

Le Figaro Magazine/France, 26th October 2018

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WHEN THE WAR COMES - documentary film by Jan Gebert (PINK & HBO), photo set + poster, March 2018

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Marie Claire/Czech Republic No.02 25.01.2017 Text: Stanislav Krupar

INTERVIEW for Czech State Television Autor: Tomáš Netočný, 31.12.2017

Challanging Chances - Flucht im Bild. Book and Exhibition. Project of Laif Agancy and Barteslman Stiftung. Autumn 2016.

ZEIT Politik/Germany No.02 05.01.2017 Text: Andrea Böhm

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CROSSING THE SEA: With Syrians on the Exodus to Europe (Hardback)

Newsweek Europe 12.03.2016

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PŘES MOŘE a book published by Grada/Czech Republic 30.11.2015

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